“There’s something I need to talk to you about”

You know when someone says “there’s something I need to talk to you about” – even worse if you get it on a text.  If it is a boyfriend, you are freaking out “Is he going to dump me, did he cheat on my, is he leaving me , what did i do – have i done something wrong?” Your body kind of goes in “fight or flight” mode. Its the same as when someone says “there’s a question I’ve been meaning to ask you.” Your heart kind of  skip a beat, the adrenaline and the kind of fear you suddenly feel, sometimes you even get goosebumps. “What did I do now?” And then when your girlfriends say it, you get surprised  and of course afraid that something bad happen. But why are we always associating those sentences with bad things.

How many times haven’t you hurt those phrases when you were younger and growing up, when you did something that crossed the line. But when you get older you might have had a bad memory with that “There’s something I need to talk to you about” phrase. My bad memory started when i found out my dad had cancer .. and then when my parents were getting a divorce. So now for me that phrase is almost guaranteed to go badly and sometimes be extremely painful.

But sometimes it can also turn out to be a good phrase. A good phrase when one of your friends desperately have been wanted to tell you something. Something that makes them blush, talk fast, giggle and the best part when you can se, that they are actually so happy. There is nothing better than to see the people close to you being happy – even best of all being in love.

Cassandra Borg Schumann


.. so now there is only 3 days left. I am going to Italy on a ski trip with my school. I cant wait!!


Closet insp and Christian Louboutin.


This is my aunts closet in CA. She has impeccable taste in clothes, accessories, jewelries and especially bags.

" My Aunts Closet"

My lovely collection of shoes, in my old apartment. 37 pair of high heels, including: Michael Kors, Kenneth Cole, Betsey Johnson, Jeffrey Campbell, Sam Edelman, Zara and others..

Now i have added a couple of more shoes.. My absolute favorites, are my Christian Louboutin High Prive that i got for my 21 birthday. I wore them at my mums beautiful wedding.

-Christian Louboutin Silver Glitter Peep Toe Pumps-
– S’NOB dress
– Zara Studded Black Box Clutch
– Zara Jersey Blazer with Studs
I love these other colors and glitter CL too! 

Back to business – Study hard?

Here we go again..


Min dag startede ud med en lille løbetur rundt om søerne i København. Jeg er temmelig stolt af mig selv, da dette var et af mine nytårsfortsæt 🙂

Nu sidder jeg så foran min computer igen og forsøger, at læse op til min eksamen på mandag, men de der overbringshandlinger, de tager overhånd..

My day started out with a morning run around the lakes in Copenhagen. Pretty proud of myself, since it is one of my New Year Resolutions 🙂

… rigth now i am sitting in front of my computer, trying to study for my exam on monday.  But displacement activities come so easy don’t they? 

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